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Define Quality Assurance

Define Quality Assurance general overview

Define Quality Assurance: The term can be defined in many ways. Quality Assurance is one type of process or approach which ensures that any company, industry or any organization is providing the best results or services Quality Assurance is a set of process which is used to measure and assure the quality of
the product. Quality Assurance include process checklist, development of standards, project audits etc. The main aim of Quality Assurance is to plan the systematic activities which can be implemented in the quality system so that the quality requirements of the product and services can be fulfilled. Define Quality Assurance is widely asked question , so from the above some of the points it is cleared that Quality Assurance department plays a key role id maintaining quality of product and  services in any organization. 
Define Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Definition
This is the brief overview about Quality Assurance which will give you some idea about Quality Assurance. To know more about Quality Assurance activities Please visit Library @ Pharmastuff4u
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