Tuesday, 10 December 2013

30 Important Uses. Hydrogen Peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide. : There are many amazing benefits (hydrogen peroxide), which are as follows, So let us check it out. They are used as:
  1. Used to whiten clothes
  2. Used to sanitize kitchen surfaces
  3. As an alternative to Bleach
  4. Tooth Paste
  5. Blood Stain Remover
  6. Tile and grout Scrub
  7. To clear wooden cutting board
  8. To clean Sponges
  9. To cure a foot fungus
  10. Bird mites infections
  11. Sinus infections
  12. Wound care
  13. Mouth wash
  14. Tooth ache
  15. Tooth Whitening
  16. Hair lightening
  17. Contact lenses
  18. Used in the dishwasher
  19. Laundry
  20. Stain remover
  21. Sprouting seeds
  22. Meat sanitizing
  23. Humidifiers
  24. Kills germs in bathrooms
  25. Clean up skin achne
  26. Clean wax from ears
  27. Enema
  28. Foot fungus
  29. Protect cuts from being infected
  30. Ear infections
These are some of the applications of hydrogen peroxide where it plays a major role.

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