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Advantages of HPTLC over HPLC
Advantages of HPTLC over HPLC: There are many applications  as well as advantages which can be compared, some of them are as follows.

Simultaneous process of sample and standard can be done under similar condition gives better analytical precision and accuracy.

Extreme flexibility for various steps i.e., selection of stationary phase, mobile phase, developing technique , detection with or without pre or post column derivatization.

Co chromatography and CO TLC is possible and often practiced.

Several analysts can simultaneously work on the same system.

Technically simple to learn and operate , No skilled person required.

Low cost precoated HPTLC plates / rolls are available.

Entire spectrum can be seen at a glance.

Negligible wear and tear so low maintenance cost.

Sample preparation is simple.

Choice of solvent for dissolving sample is not very critical as it is completely removed before developing chromatogram.

Samples rarely require clean up. Turbid sample can also be applied.

Insitu derivatization is possible and routinely employed.

Solvents need no prior treatment like filteration and degassing.

Solvents of analytical grade are suitable. No need of extra purification.

Mobile phase consumption per sample is extremely low thus reducing the acquisition and disposal cost.

There is no possibility of interference from previous analysis as fresh stationary phase and mobile phase are used for each analysis.

No carry over hence no contamination.

Corrosive and UV absorbing mobile phase can also be used.

Mobile phase having Ph 8 can be used which is not possible in HPLC.

Quantity of solvent required an absolute basis on per sample basis in quite low so reduced disposal problem.

Detection is visual and derivatization is simple.

Quantitative measurement by UV- Visible and fluorescence is possible.

Stationary phase is not susceptible to sample poisoning.

Low analytical requirement.

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