Sunday 24 February 2013

Advantages of healthy food

Advantages of healthy Food.
There are many advantages of eating healthy food. Healthy diet has many benefits. Eat good food and keep body free from disease. It keeps body free from obesity, improves digestion, keeps heart healthy. Good and proper nutritional diet improves the lifestyle , keeps body in shape and  all the parts of human body healthy. What is healthy food?

Why healthy food is necessary?
Healthy food is easily available now a days. Not only it improves physical health but also improves mental health. Healthy diet also  provides energy, promotes good sleep, and also gives the body whatever it needs to remain healthy.

Healthy food which contains fresh leafy vegetables and fruits reduce the risk of heart diseases such as heart attack as well as stroke. This vegetables as well as fresh fruits also reduces risk of cancer. So we can say that eating healthy diet is very much useful to keep body healthy. This vegetables or fruits rich in fiber also reduces risk of diabetes and keeps the body free from obesity.

Apart from vegetables and fruits there are other nutritional food too which keeps the body healthy. It it not advisable to eat healthy food only, you can also eat junk food to reduce craving  but you should not eat only junk food because it increases chances of disease. Some people says that eating healthy food is not good but it is not true. Maybe some food is not good for them, then is such cases you should consult to physician or nutrition specialist.

Some of the advantages with healthy food are: It lowers risks of cancer and diseases, lowers cholesterol and body weight, keeps active and provide energy, good sleep with good food, it also keeps our body relaxed. Keeps bones healthy and the most important one is it increases self confidence.

This food may sometimes expensive and sometimes boring but I suggest you to eat healthy and live longer.

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