Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Components of HPLC | High pressure liquid chromatography

Components of HPLC

To know more about HPLC it is necessary to know about components of HPLC (High pressure liquid chromatography). So let us discuss some of the major components of high pressure liquid chromatography.

There are 5 major components of HPLC which are as follows:

  1. Pump
  2. Injector
  3. Column
  4. Detector
  5. Computer


Pump is the component of HPLC which is  necessary to provide the pressure that propels the sample to be detected to the column. There are different types of pumps based on the amount of pressure that can be produced. After the sample is injected with the injector the pressure is applied . Which allows the given sample to pass through the column easily. The main role of pump is to force a liquid which is known as mobile phase (sample mixes with the mobile phase) at a specific flow rate. During entire process the pump deliver a constant mobile phase composition which is known as Isocratic or increasing mobile phase composition which is known as gradient.


So in order to introduce or inject  a sample into an HPLC, the sample is first dissolved into the mobile phase which is to be used  and the prepared liquid solution which contains sample as well as the mobile phase is introduced into the HPLC with the help of an injector. The liquid sample is introduce into the flow stream of the mobile phase. There are two types of injector, either we can inject  manually or there is an autosampler which collects samples automatically from the samples already prepared.