Friday, 23 August 2013

NMR Applications Different NMR Uses

NMR Applications. Wide range of NMR applications  are seen. NMR  is used in research. NMR has following points so let us check it one by one, This technique give the details about the type of  atoms present in the sample, specific environment of atoms in the molecules, purity and composition of sample and much more. Many areas are covered by this method:

  1. Food industry.
  2. Polymer industry.
  3. Pharmaceutical production and development.
  4. Biochemical and biological research.
  5. Organic chemistry.
  6. Inorganic chemistry.
  7. Physical chemistry.
  8. Chemical manufacturing industry.
  9. Agrochemical production and development.
  10. Used in structure elucidation.
  11. Molecular dynamics
  12. Protein folding.
  13. Drug screening and design.
  14. Metabolite analysis.
  15. Determination of chemical composition.
  16. Formulation investigation.
  17. Raw material fingerprinting.
  18. Analysis of mixture.
  19. Quality assurance and quality control.
  20. Determination of purity of sample.
  21. Identification and conformation of compounds.
  22. Reaction mechanism investigation.
  23. Reaction kinetics examination.
  24. Molecular characterisation.