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Antacids definition - What are antacids?

What Antacids Is, What Antacids Do, Why Study Antacids

Find out  antacids with some basic information. Learn what antacids is, what antacids do, and some ideal requirements of antacids. So let us check it out some information. There are the drugs which are usually alkaline substance and they are used for neutralizing the excess amount of the acid in the stomach of patients which are suffering from the hyper acidity or hyper-chlorhydria. These drugs which are called as antacids helps to reduce pain which is caused by hyper acidity.

Antacids definition
Some example of antacids which are used in pharmaceutical industry.

  • Aluminium hydroxide gel
  • Dried aluminium hydroxide gel
  • Dried aluminium hydroxide tablets.
  • Dried aluminium phosphate
  • Dried aluminium phosphate gel
  • Aluminium glycinate
  • Basic aluminium carbonate.
Ideal requirements of an antacid :
  1. It must be insoluble in water.
  2. It must not be absorbable or cause systemic alkalosis.
  3. Effect gadually and over a long period of time.
  4. Should not be laxative.
  5. Should not cause any type of side effects.
  6. It should be stable and must be readily available.
Please visit official books such as I.P B.P or any other official pharmaceutical books for complete information.

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