Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy.

Solar energy:Let us discuss advantages and disadvantages of Solar energy.Some of them in brief.

Some of the advantages of Solar energy are as follows:
  • As sunlight is completely free and renewable.
  • Pollution free production or generation of energy through solar panels.
  • Solar cells can save a lots of energy than electric bills.
  • Possible to generate electricity in remote areas 
  • System are very low maintenance .
  • The production of energy is very quite unlike other different form of energy generation such as wind turbines or engines.
  • Calculators , some wrist watches and other devices can be prepared which uses solar energy.
Some of the disadvantages of Solar energy are as follows:
  • Large area is needed to attain good level of efficiency.
  • Only in daytime  we can generate energy , not possible in night.
  • Cloudy day or rain can alter the generation of solar energy.
  • Even though maintenance cost of solar cells is low but its initial cost is very expensive.
  • Solar energy cannot be produced in areas such as dense forests or hilly areas where sunlight is not available is sufficient amount.