Saturday, 17 May 2014

Quality Assurance interview questions in pharmaceutical industry

Quality Assurance interview questions in pharmaceutical industry , Let us see some of them which are asked at the time of job interviews. As we all know that there are many question which can be framed during the time of interview.Generally they check our resume and find out our role, achievements and whatever we had written in our resume.And start asking the question about the points which we had written in our resume. So it is better to write only those points or actual activities which we had performed. General question and some of the technical questions are given below just follow the below link.

Quality Assurance interview questions in pharma industry

One must know the basic definition of quality assurance and quality control, They usually ask this type of simple definitions. Then they will move to guidelines, and their favorite one is ICH guidelines , So you must read it before appearing for an interview. Then they usually ask aboaut GMP guidelines. Sometimes during the walk in type of interview , there are more number of candidates, so in this case they sometime arrange written test in which they ask some definition or full form or some MCQ Question. If you had read basic concepts of Quality Assurance then you can clear it easily. Generally in written test they ask the question related to the products they are manufacturing., for example If they are manufacturing tablets then that are more chances of questions asked regarding basic concepts of tablets such as. types of tablet defects, in process test for tablets, etc.,