Saturday 11 March 2023

Advantages and Disadvantages of Column Chromatography

 Some advantages and disadvantages of column chromatography are discussed below. So let us find out its advantages and disadvantages to know more about column chromatography.

Advantages of Column Chromatography are:

  1. Column chromatography enhances detection of compounds.
  2. Column chromatography enables trace analysis.
  3. Increases signal to noise ratio
  4. It also detects low concentration.
  5. Column chromatography improves analytical accuracy.
  6. It is best suitable various detection methods.
  7. Column chromatography optimizes sensitivity easily.
  8. It separates closely related compounds.
  9. Enables detection of impurities.

Disadvantages of Column Chromatography are:

  1. Column chromatography equipment is expensive. 
  2. Costly consumables.
  3. The operating cost is high.
  4. Column chromatography requires specialized training.
  5. It is time consuming process.
  6. It is labor intensive technique.
  7. Difficult to automate.
  8. Requires significate sample for analysis. 

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