Saturday 1 April 2023

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Liquid Chromatography GLC

Some advantages and disadvantages of gas liquid chromatography are discussed below. So let us check out its advantages and disadvantages to know more about gas liquid chromatography.

Some Advantages of Gas Liquid Chromatography GLC are :

  1. Gas liquid chromatography offers high sensitivity, precision and resolving power for analyzing a wide range of analytes.
  2. Detects trace amounts of analytes with high sensitivity.
  3. Excellent resolving power for complex mixtures.
  4. Accurate and precise quantitative analysis.
  5. Wide range of analytes can be analyzed.
  6. High speed of analysis.
  7. Capable of identifying and quantifying volatile compounds.
  8. Minimal sample preparation required.
  9. High reproducibility and precision of results.
  10. Can be coupled with mass spectrometry for identification.
  11. Non-destructive analysis for sample preservation.

Some Disadvantages of Gas Liquid Chromatography GLC are :

  1. Gas liquid chromatography is Limited to volatile and semi-volatile compounds.
  2. Compounds must be thermally stable and volatile.
  3. Non-volatile compounds are not detected.
  4. High boiling point compounds not easily separated.
  5. Limited application to non-polar and semi-polar compounds.
  6. Can't separate large molecules such as proteins.
  7. Possibility of column overload with complex samples.
  8. Sensitivity to impurities in the sample matrix.
  9. Column stationary phase can degrade over time.
  10. Solvents and reagents can cause column damage.
  11. Limited use for chiral separations.

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