Thursday, 3 January 2013


Let us check it out what is Gas Chromatography Method, It  is a widely used method which is used for the separation of gaseous and the substances which are very difficult to analyse and separate. Gas Chromatography method is a simple and inexpensive method and efficient too. In this method Gas is a mobile phase which is passed through a column containing adsorbent or a liquid adsorbent which is supported on an inert solid.

There are two types of gas chromatography. Gas Solid Chromatography and other one is Gas Liquid Chromatography.

 In Gas Solid Chromatography (GSC) the mixture is distributed between the mobile phase that is gas and the solid phase that is adsorbent and the separation is due to the difference between the adsorptive behavior. While in Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC) the components of mixture distribute between the mobile phase that is gas and the stationary phase that is liquid according to their partition coefficients.Solid phase is only used as a support in GLC. Gas liquid Chromatography or Gas Solid Chromatography has many applications in analysis of organic compounds.

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