Sunday, 9 March 2014

Applications and uses of plant tissue culture

Plant Tissue Culture is now a days widely used method at commercial scale. It is a wonderful technique used for mass propagation of various plants in laboratory in different test tubes which is further transferred to the field. Method isolate various parts of plants and grow them artificially in aseptic condition and further this parts are converted into plants.
  1. It is used for growing disease free plants.
  2. Wide hybridization can be done by this technique.
  3. Overcoming self sterility
  4. Used for genetic transformation.
  5. It has wonderful role in developing early flowering.
  6. Synthetic seed can be grown by following tissue culture method.
  7. It is used for Breaking dormancy
  8. International exchange of Germplasm.
  9. Clonal propagation.
  10. Large scale and fast multiplication.
  11. Large scale the growth of plant cells in the culture which is liquid as a source of  secondary products.
  12. It is used in Removal of viruses with propagation from meristematic tissues.
  13. Production of secondary metabolite.
  14. Improved crop can be grown.
These are some of the applications and uses of plant tissue culture.

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