Friday, 30 May 2014

Difference between Internal quality audit and External Quality Audit

Difference between Internal Quality Audit and External Quality Audit are As follows , So let us check it out one by one.

  • Internal: Is examination of quality system and procedures in organization "First party audit"
  • External: Is an evaluation of suppliers, contractors etc., "Second or Third Party Audit"
  • Internal:Performed by team drawn from different departments i.e, production , QC, QA etc. is put together design.
  • External: Performed by consultant professional test implement the associations and of course regulatory who are not party to supplier or customers.
  • Internal: Employees may or may not contribute new information and knowledge.
  • External: Contribute lot of information to employees.
  • Internal: Conducted at reasonable internal with covering all areas of function / operations and hence it is very effective to determine non complying activities.
  • External: Conducted infrequently with examine small parts of Productions, Operations and hence ineffective to determine all non complying activities.
  • Internal: Carried Out by people within organization, they are likely to miss out most obvious mistakes.
  • External: Outsider with fresh approach for inspection , they are less likely to miss out most obvious mistakes.

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