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Nitin Vasava is an Indian Blogger and the founder of Pharmastuff4u. Pharmastuff4u mainly contains rewritten articles on Health and Pharmacy related topics.

Nitin Vasava holds a  Degree in Master of Pharmacy in Quality Assurance from NMIMS University Mumbai and has previously worked  at Alkem laboratories Ltd.  &  Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
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Pharma stuff 4u is a platform created by the pharmacy people for the pharmacy people in the welfare of the pharmacy education. 

Aim and Objective:     

  • The main objective is to connect the pharma people all over the world.
  • To provide all the information related to pharmacy at one place.
  • To search information easily and quickly.
  • To help pharma people.

At these platform you look forward to:

  • Introduction, scope and career related to pharmacy.
  • Details of Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Colleges of Pharmacy.
  • Books of Pharmacy.
  • Official Website such as (ICH, WIPO, FDA) etc are available at these place.
  • Various websites which may be helpful to pharma people.
  • Various helpful blogs are available here.
  • You will find all the possible information related to pharmacy. 


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“Knowledge Grows When Shared” is my belief and hence this blog. It would be wonderful if the visitors to this blog too can contribute by answering to questions posed. Not all the questions here have an answer from me but we together can create a veritable pool of knowledge here. Thank you