Thursday, 4 October 2012


ABOUT  HPLC Full form of HPLC
  • (HPLC) Is known as High pressure liquid chromatography.
  • HPLC Is also known as High performance liquid chromatography.
  • Now let us discuss the definition of chromatography:-The separation of a mixture of compounds bases upon the differential portioning of various analyte (sample to be separated from mixture) species between a mobile phase and a stationary phase.
  • Now the term liquid chromatography was also defined in the early 1900's by the work of the russian Botanist, knows as Mikhail S, Tswett. His studies focuse on separating compounds  (leaf pigments), extracted from plants using a solvent packed with particle.
  • Why HPLC is known as high pressure liquid Chromatography : Because Originally it was indicated the fact that high pressure was used to generate the flow required for liquid chromatography in packed column.
  • High performance liquid chromatography HPLC is now one of the most powerful tool in analytical chemistry
I hope it is now cleared the full form of HPLC and a brief history of HPLC