Saturday, 9 February 2013

Applications or uses of Nephelometer and turbidimeter

Some of the applications of nephelometer and turbidimeter are as follows:

  1. For determination of ions  like sulphate, chloride, carbonate, magnesium, calcium, etc.
  2. In determination of impurities in pharmacopoeial substances.
  3. In determination of growth of bacteria in culture media and nutrient media.
  4. In determination of growth of micro-organism in vitamin and antibiotic assays.
  5. In determination of particles or solids in aerosols, injections and liquid preparations.
  6. It is employed in soap and detergent industry in determination of cloud point.
  7. It is used in determination of sediment and particles in water treatment tank and as well as in sewage tank.
  8. The aboveinstruments are used for various purposes in other industries like paper, pulp making, beverages, oil refineries, petroleum, dyes and paints etc.