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Accuracy and Precision

Accuracy and Precision: Let us see Accuracy and precision, is defined as closeness to the known or standard value and precision is the closeness of two or more measurements to each other. Accuracy and precision in Brief as follows.

Accuracy and Precision
Accuracy and Precision

Accuracy and Precision Examples

Accuracy and Precision examples are as follows, Example of accuracy and precision : Suppose the standard weight of any given substance is 5 kg. Now we get weight after measurement i.e, 3 kg then we can say that our results are not accurate because they are not close to 5 kg.But suppose we get 3 kg continuously while measuring weight 5 or more times then we can say that our results are precise because our measured results are close to each other.

Accuracy and Precision Difference

Accuracy and precision difference , The main difference between accuracy and precision is , Accuracy means getting results that are close to real answer and Precision means getting result which are similar every time we try. So from the about discussion we can say that Accuracy results can be said precise, but precision cannot be said as accuracy.

Accuracy and Precision in Chemistry

Accuracy and precision in chemistry with examples: Suppose in (Accuracy and precision)chemistry lab with the help of measuring weight balance we have to measure weight 3 times, now first reading is 9.9 gram , second reading is 10 gram third reading is 10 gram. Now our actual standard known value is 10 gram then we can say that it is close to the true hence  results are accurate. Now suppose now again we have to measure 3 times and the results are 7gram, 9 gram, and 8 gram , so we can say that they are not accurate nor precise , but if we get our readings 8 gram three times then we can say that our readings are precise.

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