Thursday 26 June 2014


Conductometry: Let us discuss advantages and disadvantages of Conductometry. This method is also called as conductometric titration method. Types, mobility, concentration of ions and temperature affects the electrochemical conductivity

Some of the advantages of conductometry are as follows:

  1. In this method as coductance  is measured by conductivity meter , indicator is not required.
  2. Conductometric titration works for coloured solution.
  3. Accurate results can be obtained by conductometry.
  4. It is suitable for both weak base as well as weak acid.
  5. This method is also suitable for turbid solution.

Some of the disadvantages of conductometry are as follows:

  1. Sometimes the salt level increases in the solution which masks the conductivity and do not gives accurate result.
  2. Sometimes high concentration of ions masks the conductivity and hence do not give accurate results.

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