Sunday 8 February 2015

Difference Between Antibiotics and Antibacterial

The Difference Between Antibiotics and Antibacterial: Let us check it out difference between antibiotics and antibacterial, to know more about Antibiotics and Antibacterial.

Difference Between: Antibiotics

  1. Antibiotics is the broad term, broader range of antimicrobial compounds which acts on bacteria, fungi and other compounds.
  2. Certain Antibiotics may also kills bacteria, Fungi and other parasites.
  3. Antibiotics is a chemical substance which kills and prevents the growth of the microorganisms by affecting the cell wall and cell structure of bacteria or fungi.

Difference Between: Antibacterial

  1. Antibacterial is a types of antibiotics. 
  2. Chemical substances or anything that kills bacteria or prevents the growth of bacteria can be considered as antibacterial.
  3. All antibacterials are antibiotics but not all antibiotics are antibacterials.

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