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Definition of Pharmacy - The term can be defined in various ways, so the different ways in which it can be stated or defined are as follows:-

  • It is the science of medicinal substances comprising of pharmacology, phytochemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, and forensics.
  • It is a place  where prescription medicine are dispensed, a dispensary.
  • The occupation of pharmacist is known as pharmacy.  
  • It is also considered as the art of preparing medicinal products, or a place where such substances are sold.
  • It is the study of the preparation and dispensing of medications.
  • Again pharmacy is the branch of the health sciences which is dealing with the proper utilization of medicinal products.
  • It is the branch of health sciences dealing with the preparation of medicinal products.
  • It is the branch of health sciences dealing with the dispensing of medicinal substances.
From all the above points we can say that pharmacy is a health profession which is concerned with the design of medicine and its evaluation, production and use of medicine that links the health science with the biological, chemical and medical science.

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