Thursday 22 November 2012

Calculate Molarity | What Is Molarity?

Let us see the simple and the easiest explanation about- Molarity calculations, Definition of molarity and "What is Molarity" in Brief:-

  • Molarity is the number of moles of solute per unit volume of a solution.
  • Molarity measures the strength of a solution.
  • Solution is made up of a solute as well as solvent.
  • More the solute higher the strength as well as concentration of the solution.
  • More the solvent lesser the strength as well as concentration of the solution.

Formula of Molarity:- Molarity = Moles of solute/Litres of solution

To make the term molarity more clear let us see an example.

Example: Find out the molarity of 200ml solution with 0.2 moles of NaCl.

Here the solution is in ml so we have to convert it into Litre, Hence 200/1000 = 0.2L

Therefore as per formula:-

 Molarity =0.2moles of solute/0.2Litre of solution

Hence the anwer is 1 Molar  or 1 moles/L

I hope it is now clear that what is molarity, its unit and how to calculate molarity.

Thank you

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