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Let us see Gas Chromatography Advantages to know more about GC. It is a very similar technique to column chromatography. The only difference over here is Gas  used as a mobile phase instead of liquid. Gas Chromatography is now a days widely used technique for the separation of gaseous and volatile substance which are difficult to separate and analyse. Gas Chromatography have many applications for separation of volatile sample.

Advantages of Gas Chromatography are as follows:

  • This technique has a high resolution power compared to others. Complex mixture can be resolved into   it's components by this GC method. The separation, determination and identification of many compounds with negligible differences in boiling  points is possible by this technique.
  • Sensitivity in detection is very high with thermal conductivity detectors. One can detect upto 100 ppm, while flame detectors, electron capture and phosphorus detectors can detect ppm, parts per billion or picograms respectively.
  • It gives relatively good precision and accuracy.
  • It is a micromethod hence very small size is required hence micro litre of sample is sufficient for complete analysis.
  • The speed of analysis is very fast.
  • The use of a gas as the moving phase has the advantage of rapid equilibrium between the moving and stationary phases and allows use of high carrier gas velocities, leading to fast analysis in seconds, minutes or in hours.
  • It involves relatively simple instrumentation operation of gas chromatography and related calculations don not require highly skilled personnel and thus the technique is suitable for routine analysis.
  • Qualitative as well as quantitative analysis at a time is possible.
  • The area produced for each peak is proportional to that concentration.
  • The cost of gas chromatography is very low as compared to the data obtained.
These are some of the advantages of Gas chromatography.
Applications of Gas chromatography

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