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High Frequency Methods Applications

High Frequency Methods Applications

High frequency methods applications There are many uses of this methods, some of them  are as follows:
  1. This methods are used to measure the dielectric constants of various solvents.
  2. Direct high frequency analysis of binary mixtures.
  3. The technique can be used to study reaction rates.
  4. The technique is useful to follow the course of titration. Neutralization reactions precipitation and complex formation reactions can be studied.
  5. The other uses of high frequency titrations include determination of hardness of water by titration with standard soap solution.
  6. In the oxidation-reduction reactions.
  7. Titrations can be carried out for electrolyte or ion in presense of large excess of indifferent electrolytes.
  8. Alkaloidal assays and non-aqueous titrations are also possible by high frequency method.

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