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DISSOLUTION APPARATUS TYPES - There are many types of dissolution apparatus which are classified as per USP, IP or BP, So let us check it out all its  types and their classification.

Types of Dissolution Apparatus as per USP (Official):
  1. Basket Type
  2. Paddle Type
  3. Reciprocating Cylinder
  4. Flow Through Cell
  5. Paddle Over Disc
  6. Rotating Cylinder
  7. Reciprocating Disc
Dissolution Apparatus Types

USP Dissolution Apparatus (Non-Official):
  1. Rotating Bottle Method
  2. Diffusion Cell
  3. Peristalsis Cell
  4. Intrinsic Dissolution Method
IP Dissolution Apparatus:
  1. Paddle Type
  2. Basket Type
Dissolution Apparatus Type

BP Dissolution apparatus:
  1. Basket Type Apparatus
  2. Paddle Type Apparatus
  3. Flow Through Cell
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