Tuesday 2 April 2013

Healthy Eating Food by following Healthy Diet

Healthy diet food which helps to keep our body in shape
Fruits and Vegetables
Healthy food chart or Healthy eating menu is the first step to follow or execute healthy diet. Many facts , choices or options are available on blog  and articles which provides information for kids, for children, for pregnant women, and different things like : to loose weight or to  keep heart healthy and so on. Lots of recipes to eat and ideas are present to keep body fit and in shape.

What is Healthy Food?

Taking healthy diet means getting proper quantities of foods which is available from all the food groups  to lead a healthy life. A good diet means we have to consume food from different sources or varieties is order to get all the possible requirements of body. If we take our food from only one type of food source then it is not good. When we wake up in the morning till we sleep in night we should monitor all the  facts related to food, It not only helps to choose better food source but it also helps how often or how much quantity should we take as per our diet chart.
If we want to describe it in one word then we can say that eating healthy diet is to eat Balanced diet, Which includes all types of whole grains, fat, sugar, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and all type of food resources nutrition which are rich in vitamins, fibres, carbohydrates, proteins and so on. This type of balanced diet Reduces risks of obesity, Cancer, Hypertension and diabetes.
There are thousands of food sources available on this earth , and it is not possible to get all those sources beacause different people are located at different places, where all types are not available , so in this case we have to find all the possible food available around us, and then make a check list of which food contains which type of mineral, vitamins, fibres etc. Now select your food which suits your body and balanced your diet. Eat healthy and keep your body and mind healthy.
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