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Biotechnology | Explanation Definition Overview of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the widely used term. Biotech term can be defined in number of ways. So let us check it out some of the definitions and a simple and brief explanation of biotechnology.

  • Biotechnology: With the help of genetic engineering uses living organism or their parts or components to produce various types of useful commercial products such as crops which are pest resistant, Novel pharmaceuticals, New strains of bacteria etc.
  • Biotechnology is the branch of biology which uses scientific knowledge or techniques such as genetic engineering and improves and modifies plants, microorganism or animals.
  • In simple words we can say that it is the fusion of advanced technologies with the biology knowledge, which modifies genetic material of the living cells which will in return produce new substance or new modified functions.
Now a days Biotechnology is one of the popular and growing field with bright future. I hope you might have got some of the idea about the term Biotechnology. It is very wide and interesting topic.

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