Tuesday 17 June 2014



  1. Electrolysis is used for permanent removal of facial hair from the body.
  2. This electrolysis is an effective method compared to creams, ointments,waxing and medication in removal of hair from the body.
  3. Electrolysis is cheaper compared to other methods and generally the results are permanent.
  4. The solution used which is made up of electrolysis keeps the metal free from corrosion or rusting.
  5. Electrolysis makes the metal attractive and gives an expensive appearance.
  6. Many of the substances which are useful are prepared from electrolysis process.
  7. Chlorine can be prepared by electrolysis of a solution of common salt.
  8. Hydrogen is also prepared by electrolysis of water.
  9. Heavy water for example Deuterium oxide which is used in nuclear reactor is also prepared from electrolysis of water.
  10. In hair removal electrolysis is safe and effective method.
  11. Electrolysis of a solution of a metal gives a pure metal.
  12. Impurities of metals are removed by electrolysis.
  13. Some of the metals such as silver, copper, lead, zinc and nickel are purified or refined by electrolytic refining process.


  1. Electrolysis for hair removal can be painful and very expensive method.
  2. Sometimes swelling on skin if not done electrolysis properly.
  3. After electrolysis, sometimes red patches develop on skin which takes around week to disappear.
  4. Generally the electrolysis process is not recommended for large areas such as backs, legs and bikini areas.
  5. Sometimes severe side effects are observed such as skin damage if electrolysis process in not performed properly.
  6. Electrolysis method is done properly only when it is performed by trained and qualified person.
  7. Several process of electrolysis  treatment is required for permanent hair removal.

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