Monday, 12 May 2014

Applications and uses of polymers

Polymers are used in various industries. Polymers are the structure or a large molecule or a macro molecule, which are composed of repeated sub units knows as, monomers. Following are some of the applications:
  • Used in packaging
  • Bottles can be prepared
  • Fabric
  • Rubber 
  • Pipes are made of polymers.
  • Plastic bags is also one type of polymer.
  • Automatic parts can be made.
  • Contact lenses
  • Adhesive
  • Medical supplies: such blood bags, bone cement, infusions, syringes.
  • Catheters, orthopedic implants, Suture materials, disposable syringes.
  • Dialysis membranes, intraocular lenses , vascular grafts.
  • Electrical components , electrical and electronics.
  • Also used in surgical sutures.
  • Building and construction.
  • Agriculture
  • Natural polymer in paper, textiles, pharmaceuticals and explosives.

These are some of the application and uses of Polymers

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