Friday, 6 February 2015

Difference Between Antibiotics and Antibodies

Overview of the Difference Between Antibiotics and Antibodies. Let us find out difference between antibiotics and antibodies to know more about Antibody and Antibiotic.

Difference Between: Antibiotic

  1. The chemical structure of antibiotic is different from antibody or antibodies.
  2. Antibiotics are either synthetic or  produced from plants or other microorganisms,  and they are purified to prevent infection caused by bacteria.
  3. Antibiotic attacks the cell wall and prevents the cellular functions of the bacteria.
  4. Antibiotic are like medicines that kills other bad cells in the body.
  5. Example ampicillin, penicillin.

Difference Between: Antibodies

  1. The chemical structure of antibodies of antibody is made up op two large protein chains called heavy chains and two small protein chains called light chains which are bound to each other.
  2. Antibodies are produced naturally by an immune system in the body.
  3. Antibodies binds with the antigen found on the pathogens and prevent infection.
  4. Antibodies are like cells that kills other bad cells in the body.
  5. Example IgA, IgG etc
  6. Antibodies are also knows as Immunoglobulins.
  7. Antibodies are produced from white blood cells.
These are some of the points on Difference Between Antibiotics and Antibodies.

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