Wednesday, 12 September 2012


What is pharmacy?
Pharmacy is a health profession which is concerned with design of medicine its evaluation, production  and use of medicine that links the health science with the biological, chemical and medical science.

What is pharmacy in brief.

Person who practice pharmacy are called pharmacists. They are therefore known as experts in medicine. Pharmacists know how  (medicine) interacts with the body, side-effects associated with it and how they interact with other substances. Besides these they serve patients as well as the community by providing advice on health, provides medications and all the services which are required for improving health of a person, they also refers patients to doctors or other health care program when necessary.

Pharmacists are considered specialists in the science and clinical use of medications. They must have knowledge about the properties of medicinal products i.e. physical properties and chemical properties, composition of products and their manufacture and its proper use. They also have the knowledge of purity and strength of particular substance. They know the activity of the product  and how it works in the body.

The main aim of pharmacist is to improve the quality of life of a person and take care of the following:
cure of disease, elimination and reduction of symptoms associated with the disease, to arrest or slowing a disease process and prevention of disease as well as its diagnosis.