Monday 31 December 2012


Let us check it out some of the applications of gas chromatography. It has many uses as well as applications  and advantages which are useful for the separation of a given unknown mixture. It is a physical method to separate this mixture. 
Some of the different applications of gas chromatography where it can be used such as:
  • Used in pharmaceuticals
  • used in pollutants
  • petroleum
  • petrochemicals
  • oils
  • fats
  • food and flavors
  • vitamins
  • steroids and alkaloids
  • blood and serum
  • pesticides and fungicides
  • radioactive isotopes
  • used in cosmetics
  • used in environmental toxins.
These are some of the fields where GC can be used for the separation of volatile mixtures.
  • It can also be used for the volatile samples such as human breathe, blood, saliva and other secretions which contains organic volatiles and can be easily analyzed with Gas Chromatography.
This GC is very much useful in studying of health of human as well as environment. 
  • Air samples can also be analyzed with GC.
  • Air quality control units also use Gas Chromatography in order to determine the components of a given air sample.
  • Manufacturers of Cosmetics  also use gas chromatography to effectively measure how much of each chemical is used for their products. 

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