Saturday, 2 February 2013

Applications Of Mass Spectrometry

Let us check it out Some of the applications of mass spectrometry  to know more about mass spectroscopy .

Below are some of the applications of mass spectroscopy:

  • It is used in environmental analysis.
  • Identification of unknown compounds.
  • Used in forensic analysis.
  • Also used in clinical research.
  • It is used in Proteomics and genomics.
  • In generation of physico-chemical data.
  • To measure relative molecular masses (Molecular weight) with very high accuracy; from this can be deduced exact molecular formula.
  • It is also used to find out  the places within molecule at which it prefers to fragment.
  • As a method for identifying analyte by comparison with their mass spectra with libraries.
  • Protein Identification.
  • Protein sequencing.
  • Bacterial Identification. 
  • In pharmaceuticals MS (Mass spectrometry) is being used to identify the mixtures of complicated samples  such as urine, lymph, blood, and it is used with high sensitivity methods to measure low doses and long time point data.
  • Disease Biomarker detection.
  • It is also used to determine composition of isotope of elements in a compound.
  • To determine the structure of a compounds by observing its fragmentation
  • It is used in quantifying the compound's amount in a sample.
  • It is used to study the fundamentals of gas phase in ion chemistry.

These are some of the application of Mass spectrometry. To add more details about MS application Please let us know.