Monday 19 August 2013

Batch Manufacturing Record BMR

Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR) here "BMR" stands For Batch manufacturing Record. This is one type of document which is  product and batch specific document which gives entire picture of manufacturing history of each batch of every product.

Batch Manufacturing Record includes following things which is based on master formula record. 

  1. Name of product
  2. Trade Name
  3. Specification of raw material
  4. Name of raw material
  5. Specification of container , closure and packing material
  6. Name of item
  7. Weighment  sheet
  8. Dispensing Instructions
  9. List of equipment and machinery
  10. Dispensing instructions
  11. Packaging requirements
  12. Packaging instructions
  13. Precautions to be taken
  14. Finished product specifications
  15. Expiry date
  16. Review due on.
This are some of the points which are covered in Batch manufacturing Records.

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