Monday 19 August 2013

Validation and Calibration

Validation and Calibration

Validation and Calibration in Brief

Validation is one type of documented program  which provides high degree of assurance that a specific method, process, or equipment consistently produces a result meeting pre-determined acceptance criteria.
  • Validation is performed as per the validation protocol.
  • Validation is performed when the modification or changes made to the existing system.
  • Performed at the time of re validation period.
  • Validation is a documented evidence that a process, equipment, or method produces consistent and accurate results.
  • Validation is further divided into:

  1. Installation Qualification
  2. Operational Qualification
  3. Performance Qualification

So find out what is IQ OQ PQ and DQ to know more about Validation.

Calibration can be defined as one type of demonstration to check whether a particular instrument or a device produces results within a specified limit by comparing with the results of the standard reading over an appropriate range of measurements. The results which are obtained during calibration must be under the acceptance criteria at the time of comparing it with the standards.
  • Calibration ensures that an instrument or the measuring devices produces accurate results.
  • Calibration is performed as a regular interval of time or periodically.
  • Calibration is performed as per standard operation procedure (SOP)

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