Saturday, 7 September 2013

Applications and uses of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is widely used term , it has many applications which are used in various pharmaceutical industries, agriculture, medicines and in food industry. So let us check it out some of the applications as well as some of the uses of biotechnology.

  1. Different engineered crops.
  2. Tolerance from herbicides on plants and crops.
  3. Insect tolerance.
  4. Tolerance from virus.
  5. Genetically engineered poultry.
  6. Genetically engineered fish.
  7. Genetically engineered plants which are eaten as food.
  8. Genetically engineered plants or fiber plants.
  9. Engineered microorganism which are used as pesticides.
  10. Engineered insects which are used in agriculture system.
  11. Improved nutritional value.
  12. It has also increased crop productivity.
  13. Gene therapy which is used to diagnose cancer or Parkinson disease.
  14. Pharmacogenomics is one type of application in which we can study the genetic information of personality.So that we can check the drug behavior.
  15. Genetic testing to study if there is any disease in parents or children.
  16. In making Bread.
  17. In making beer.
  18. Fruit and vegetable juices.
  19. Cheese and other products.  
These are some of applicatins and uses of biotechnology.