Saturday 21 June 2014


Uses of Chromatography are listed here, So before going into detail let us check it out  principle of chromatography. The main use of chromatography  is to separate and to identify the components present in the mixture. There are different types of chromatography such as gas chromatography, paper chromatography, liquid chromatography, gas liquid chromatography, and thin layer chromatography. There are two phases in all types of chromatography, one is stationary phase and other is mobile phase. Now chromatography works on the principle of partition, here the compounds with high affinity with mobile phase will travel further and separated first. There are many uses of chromatography in our day to day life , so let us check  it out one by one.

Some of the uses of chromatography are:-

  1. Chromatography is used in medicine.
  2. Use of the chromatography in analytical laboratory.
  3. Use of chromatography in pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Chromatography is also used in food industry.
  5. Out of many uses of chromatography it is also used in forensic science.
  6. Chromatography is also used in daily life or everyday life.
  7. Chromatography  is used in crime investigations.
  8. Alcohol level  in patient can also be detected using chromatography in hospitals.
  9. Some environmental agencies also uses chromatography in detecting pollutants.
  10. Chromatography is also used to purify water.
  11. In food industry chromatography is used to identify additives.
  12. In pharmaceutical industry at various stages drugs which are made are checked by different chromatography methods.
  13. Oils, fats, vitamins, alkaloids, steroids are identified with the help  of chromatography.
  14. Blood samples are checked with the help of chromatography.
  15. Chromatography also plays an important role in cosmetic industry.
  16. Pesticides and fungicides are also checked by chromatography.

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