Wednesday, 25 June 2014

chromatography: Seven Advantages Of Chromatography

Some important Chromatography points

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Seven Advantages of Chromatography

Chromatography has significant advantages over other methods that makes it suitable for identification of unknown component from a mixture.

The advantages of Chromatography are:
  1. Chromatography is quick method
  2. Chromatography is quick method for the separation of various components from a mixture of  various compounds which are difficult to separate.
  3. Chromatography is simple
  4. Chromatography is simple method and even a single person can operate the instrument or an equipment.
  5. Chromatography is accurate
  6. One of the most significant advantages of Chromatography is its ability to separate the sample mixture easily and gives accurate results.The ability to separate even complex mixture of compounds effectively, chromatography is widely used method and has applications in various fields.
  7. Chromatography is continuous process
  8. Chromatography also supports continuous operation for a large scale batch.This Chromatography method is capable to run the sample at various operating parameters and multiple sample analysis at a time.
  9. Chromatography is robust
  10. Robust means reliability. Chromatography puts a lot of emphasis on easy and early detection of given product accurately by checking all possible components, as Chromatography detects wide varieties of samples as a result lots of commercial industries started using it.
  11. Chromatography is multithreaded
  12. Multithreaded is the capability for an equipment to perform various task simultaneously within a program.In Chromatography, several operating parameters can be operated smoothly and no any extra efforts are required.
  13. Chromatography is secure
  14. Chromatography provides security to an individual with password protection system. The Chromatography equipment, is provided with various password levels among manager, executive and operators.
Because of Chromatography's robustness, easy handling, accurate results, quick results, separation of solid liquid or gaseous samples, it has become popular and widely acceptable method for component separation.

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