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 Biotechnology applications and uses also know as (Biotech) are discussed here. As we know that biotechnology is used in various fields such agriculture , food industry, medicine, pharmaceutical industry and much more. Today various products are prepared using this technology. Various techniques such as genetic engineering, gene therapy , genetic testing are used with the help of biotechnology. Various hybrids of plants, animals, poultry with high nutritional value can be produced with this technique. Various disease can be diagnosed as well as treated with the help of this method So let us discuss different uses of biotechnology one by one.
Applications of Biotechnology

Biotechnology uses in Food industry

Various types of food products are prepared using biotechnology such as bread, beer and wine. Cheese and other products of cheese are also prepared using this technique. It is also used to prepare fruit and vegetables juices.

Biotechnology uses in medicine

Some of important uses are their in medicine using this technology, Various disease can be treated and diagnose with the help of this technique, Genetic information can also be tested in parents and children to treat disease.Various pharmaceutical products are prepared such as hormones, different enzymes or some chemicals can be prepared with this method. Different drugs can be prepared with the help of this method in order to treat disease, Enzyme which is prepared by this method acts as catalyst and in various chemical reactions.

Biotechnology uses in agriculture

Biotechnology also used in agriculture, It helps to produce disease resistant crops which are also tolerance to some herbicides. This technology is also used to produce crops which are resistant from environmental stress such as heat and cold.

Biotechnology uses in environment

Some of the biotechnology technique is also used to keep environmental clean. It helps to produce some useful microorganisms which are used to reduce or break industrial waste and hence keeps the environment clean.

Biotechnology practical uses

It is used in various practical fields which improves the life style of living organisms. It is used in agriculture, environment, and also useful for various plants and animals. It also helps to keep the living organisms disease resistant.

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