Monday 3 April 2023

Advantages and Disadvantages of Affinity Chromatography

 Some advantages and disadvantages of Affinity Chromatography are discussed below. So let us check it out its advantages and disadvantages to know more about Affinity chromatography.

Some advantages of affinity chromatography are :

  1. Affinity chromatography offers high specificity and selectivity.
  2. High binding specificity to target molecule.
  3. Low nonspecific binding to other molecules.
  4. Minimal sample preparation required.
  5. No harsh conditions involved.
  6. Resins can be reused.
  7. Works with a variety of molecule types.
  8. Fast purification process.
  9. Minimal protein damage.
  10. High purity of target molecule.
  11. High yields of purified product.

Some disadvantages of affinity chromatography are :

  1. Affinity chromatography can be expensive due to the cost of resins.
  2. High manufacturing costs of resins.
  3. Limited availability of resins.
  4. Resins may require customization for specific targets.
  5. Resins can be sensitive to storage conditions.
  6. Custom resins can take time to develop.
  7. Resins can have batch-to-batch variability in quality.
  8. Resin cost can be a significant portion of purification expenses.
  9. Large-scale purification requires large quantities of resins.
  10. Resin costs can make affinity chromatography less accessible.

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