Thursday, 4 October 2012


About uses of HPLC.

What is HPLC used for is widely asked question, So below are some of the examples where we can use HPLC:-
  • First of all HPLC is widely used in biochemistry as well as chemistry research.
  • It is used in analyzing complex mixture.
  • It is also used in isolation of natural products.
  • It is used in predicting physical properties of a compound.
  • It is used in purifying chemical compounds.
  • In developing process for synthesizing in chemical compounds.
  • It is also used to ensure the purity of raw materials in quality control.
  • In quantitative assay of final products.
  • To check product stability.
  • To monitor degradation.
  • To analyse air pollutants.
  • To analyse water pollutants.
  • Some of the regulatory agencies uses HPLC to survey food and  products to check whether the purity is as per label claim or not.
These are some of the uses of  HPLC..
To knowmore about HPLC . Check out other articles of HPLC on this blog .

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