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Applications of scintillation counter

Applications of Scintillation Counter

Applications of scintillation counter- There are many uses of this scintillation counter. So let us check it out some of the applications as well as uses of this scintillation counter. Some of them are as follows:
  • Used in Elucidation of structure of organic and biological molecule.
  • Determination of molecular weight of proteins , peptides and oligonuleotide.
  • Identification of compounds by TLC and Paper Chromatography for determination of Amino Acid sequence in protein and peptide.
  • Detecting and identifying species separated by capillary electorphorosis and chromatography.
  • Identification of drug abuse and metabolites  of drug abuse in biologicals like urine, blood, saliva.
  • Monitoring gases in patients breadth during surgery.
  • Determining residue of pesticides in food.
  • Analysis of Aerosol.
  • Monitoring organic contaminants in water supply.
These are some of the applications of scintillation counter, to add more information please let us know.

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