Sunday, 14 April 2013

Normal-Phase Chromatography

Normal-Phase Chromatography (also called as NP , normal-phase chromatography) is a Chromatographic Method in which stationary phase is polar and mobile phase is nonpolar.This method is used less frequently than reverse-phase. It can be used for those compounds which are too hydrophobic or hydrophilic for separation using reversed-phase. Compounds which are not soluble in water and they may decompose in water are separated by this method. One of the important use of this NP is for the separation of isomers. Over here the compounds which are less polar are elute out first and the compounds which are more polar elute out later. The mobile phase used here is the mixture of water and the miscible non polar organic solvent like methanol.

Full Form of API in Pharma Industry

FULL FORM OF API What is the full form of API in pharma industry? Answer: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API is the central ing...

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