Saturday, 16 February 2013

9 properties for good ion exchange resins

Synthetic Ion exchange resins. These polymers are consisting of three dimensional hydrocarbon network to which  are bonded a large number of electrically charged groups. So what are ion exchange resins? These ion exchange resin are cross-linked polymers which shows thermosetting properties due to three-dimensional network structure. These synthetic polymers are made from small units of chemicals by polymerization either by addition or condensation reactions.

The ion exchange resin should satisfy the following properties or requirements:

  1. It must be chemically stable.
  2. Should be Insoluble in common solvents.
  3. The resin which are swollen must be denser than water.
  4. Ion exchange resin should have desired particle size and shape.
  5. Sufficient number of ion exchange groups must contains in ion exchange resin.
  6. Sufficient degree of cross-linking for use in chromatography must be present.
  7. Must be hydrophilic for diffusion of ions through its structure at a constant and finite rate.
  8. The resin must have the  ability of regeneration and reuse.
  9. The resin may exchange cation or anion and  they are termed as cation exchange resins and anion exchange resins respectively.
These are some of the properties or requirements for a good ion exchange resin.