Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Practical Applications of Biotechnology

Practical applications of biotechnology, There are many uses of biotechnology which are used in various different fields such as agriculture, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, etc. Biotechnology is widely growing field now a days, so let us check is out some of the practical applications of biotechnology which are as follows.

  1. Bio processing technology in which using whole cells or the part of cells or the component of cells desired products can be made.
  2. An example of whole cell such as yeast or bacteria are used to prepare various products.
  3. Most components which are used such as enzymes which acts as catalyst and increases chemical reaction.
  4. Cells which are isolated from the animals or plants are used to make desired products.
  5. Using genetic engineering various information of genes can be studied.
  6. Genetic testing is used to detect disease in children or their parents.
  7. Agriculture application of biotechnology for better crops and improved animal health.
  8. Some medical and the health care applications for vaccines, medicines and new tests. 
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